Saturday 13 July 2013

Summer Series #2 || Summer Essentials (excluding hair & makeup)

Welcome to the second post in my Summer collaboration series and today I am collaborating with Darcey from so make sure you read her post after this one to find out her essentials! I know the picture above isn't to do with the products but these flowers have been growing in my garden and I thought they were gorgeous!

Now I may have told a tiny lie in the title because there is one makeup item that I forgot to put in my makeup post! But apart from that this is all excluding hair and makeup because I've done a haircare post and am going to be doing a makeup one.

All products are linked with their names.

Toning Mist/Water

I love toning mists/water mists for Summer, I prefer these to the waters because they have humectants in them, meaning they won't just evaporate completely off the face and will provide moisture aswell. These are great to keep your skin hydrated, you cool and clear up any breakouts too!

Tinted Moisturiser

I don't like to wear heavy products on my face in Summer so I turn to tinted moisturisers on the days when I want my skin tone evening out a bit, and I particularly love this one because it also has SPF15 in and just looks so natural whilst blurring imperfections! Unfortunately this is no longer available at Boots as they now have a triple protection version so I'll link that instead.

Gradual Tan
I love gradual tan because I am so pale and need a little bit of aid in the tanning department, this one smells like apricots which is gorgeous and gives quick, natural and golden results. I also love the Palmers gradual tan. The Garnier Tan is on half price at the moment at Superdrug, which would be a great chance to stock up.

Aloe Vera
I have run out of aloe vera gel so I need to go and get some more as that is what I wanted to include in this post as I think this works amazingly on sunburn! It is so cooling and I definitely recommend everyone picks some up for summer. I also love this Vaseline aloe fresh moisturiser because it helps to soothe and rehydrate sunburn, although I think gel works the best. 

Sun Cream
Is obviously a must! To stop you getting burnt. I personally love the Piz Buin suncream as it smells gorgeous and definitely does its job, although I will be steering well clear of their all day long suncream after Watchdog's report. This does seem expensive but with Superdrug's Holiday Shop Piz Buin is on better than half price, and I always pick mine up massively discounted from Savers or Bodycare.

Make sure you check out Darcey's post too to find out her essentials.

Thanks for reading!

What are your summer essentials?

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  1. Love it! That No.7 tinted moisturise was my first ever 'foundation' haha! thanks for the collab, love to do it again some time xx

    1. Thanks! hahah I really like it, it just looks so gorgeous! You're very welcome, thanks for doing it with me! Me too :D xx


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