Sunday 12 January 2014

Kringle Candle Review || Peppermint kiss

Firstly, I know I have been MIA recently and I am not going to make excuses for that, I felt I needed a break from blogging to get fresh new ideas and I am definitely ready to come back now! I have set myself time in the week to be able to blog so hopefully you will be seeing posts from me every Sunday and Wednesday, it should also be easier to blog because I am now the proud owner of an IPad Air.

So onto the review!

When I was on holiday for Christmas I walked into Hallmark in the hope of picking up a Christmasy. Yankee Candle scent when the woman in the shop told me she didn't stock those but instead stocked Kringle Candles who are actually made by the original owner of Yankee Candle and his son, if you want to find out more about their story you can find it on the Kringle Candle Website, but because it is made by the founder of Yankee Candle I thought they must be good and I fell in love with the Christmassy scents, but it just picked up the one to trial out, a wax tart in 'Peppermint Kiss' 

These Wax Melts retail at £2.15, as for the availability in shops I am not so sure but you can buy these on EBay and from the Kringle Candle Website itself:, and there are some amazing scents on there, definitely something for everyone.

The first great thing about these candles are that they are white, so they will match with any backdrop, I loved Yankee. Candles colours but I often wanted them to match with my room and some of the scents were odd colours, but this gets rid of that problem. Also due to their being no colouring the flame burns a lot cleaner. And wow these are amazing! You can split these into 5 for 5 uses, and I have been burning 1/5th of this for ages now and it fills the whole room in less than 5 minutes, which is seriously impressive. The other great thing is that of all the scents I have smelt, none of them have smelt at all synthetic and that seems to be the general concensus amongst other reviews.

For £2.15, a non synthetic smell that will fill your room and a scent for everyone, these are definitely worth a look! And maybe check your local hallmark because they might stock them.

Have you tried these?

What did you think?



  1. Oooo this brand sounds interesting, shall defiantly be keeping my eye open for these x

    1. I definitely recommend picking some up if you ever see them in a shop! They're fantastic :D xo

  2. This stuff sounds yummy! :D

    1. They are lovely, I could eat them! hehe :D xo


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