Saturday 15 June 2013

Eyelure Shape & Shade Brow Pencil*

Recently I was contacted by a website called Oh Beauty who you can find here. All orders have free first class UK delivery and it is a great website for beauty lovers! They asked if I would like to try anything from the website so I decided to try the Eyelure brow pencil in Dark blonde to medium brunette. 

I always have to do my eyebrows because they are so blonde so having a good eye pencil is very important to me. My Soap & Glory Arch de Triumph was nearly finished so I decided to try this and see how it lived up to my favourite eye pencil and I can honestly say, hand on heart, it is so much better! How did I not find this before? This lasts for ages and is so creamy and applies like a dream. It makes it very easy to get the exact shape you are looking for because it is a thin pencil and the spooly on the end is a great idea and helps to blend the pencil.

This pencil is a great match for my colouring and I really love using it. It lasts all day and looks super natural not like you have drawn your eyebrows on at all. These come in a few shades and retail for £5.25 and you can pick that up from Oh Beauty with free delivery here.

Thanks for reading!
How do you fill in your brows?



  1. This looks fab.

    I'm kinda hooked on my benefit brow kit - which is soooo much cheaper than the HD brows I was having done.


    1. It is lovely I really love it :) I would love to try that! I used to use the Sleek Brow Kit and I really liked that :D xx

  2. I absolutley love your blog, and love your title!!
    Beautiful makeup in french?? Is it
    Anyway I love it :)


    1. Thankyou! I am glad you like it :D haahha yes, doesn't sound as good as the translation but I thought it sounded cute in French :) Thanks! :) xx


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